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Tale as old as Time: Belle Cosplay :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 3 17 Maria and Alejandro, where are they now :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 10 Joesff and Maragret where are they now :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 22 Rydel and Elithibar Jr where are they now :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 0 Maya: Where is she now :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 5 Heidi: Where is she now? :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 16
Brave: Maria's Stars Part 2
The boat ride was short, it only took about 4-5 hours to get to the Vortex of Flames.
Young princess Maria was busy writing when one of the captains came in and told her that they were nearly there. She closed her journal and went out to the decks and stood by her mother and father.
The ship was approaching a small island, she presumed it was the Vortex of Flames.
Considering of the name, wouldn't it be an actual vortex of actual flames? But it wasn't it was just an island.
As the ship docked in, The princess and her parents boarded off the ship, were they were greeted by a tall, tan man with black hair. "Ralphie!" Her father exclaimed to the man, as he shook his hand. "It's good to see you again, old friend," "Same here, old friend. Ah, I see you brought, your lovely wife. Princess Merida." Ralphie said as he shook Maria's fathers hand and kissed her mothers hand. "Greetings, lord Ralphie. How is Selena?" Merida asked, "She is well." Ralphie replied, "Wonderful! Oh, I would like you t
:iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 0 0
Brave: Maria's Stars part 1
Diplomatic Mission
Meeting Him
This is your life
Your life I Say. Your life.  
"Miss, Miss, it's  time to wake up." She said as she was shaking the young princess to wake up. The young princess finally woke up, her rose red hair in a trillion knots. Her brown eyes were starting to shimmer as the sun shon in them.
"Why must you wake me at this hour, nurse?" The young princess asked "Because, Miss" the nurse replied, "It's the day where you join your father and mother on their diplomatic mission to the Vortex of Flames," "It's nothing special though," the young princess said as she crawled out of bed. "But it is, Miss. It's your first diplomatic mission as the crown princess of Dunbroch," The nurse explained as she started to lay out on the bed, the princess's dress for the day.
"I don't think it's special. I think it's just another diplomatic mission for my mother and father and more training to become queen for me," The P
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Teen Titans~ Raven :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 3 Teen Titans~ Starfire :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 1 Maya Mermaid :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 58 Outfit for Quest For Canterlot Outfit 2 :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 3 1 Outfit for Quest For Canterlot Experrsion 3 :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 1 Outfit for Quest For Canterlot Experrsion 2 :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 1 Outfit for Quest For Canterlot Experrsion 1 :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 2 5 Margaret Bridesmaid :iconsweetiepie2690:Sweetiepie2690 1 0


New cosplay getting uploaded today. So excited to share this one with you guys #DeadGirlWalking
Tale as old as Time: Belle Cosplay
For a Pop Culture convention this year. I decided to cosplay as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  This was my first cosplay and I'm hoping to do more in the future.

DRESS: Belongs to my friend
MAKEUP: Done by myself and my friend
HAIR: Done by myself and my friend
ACCESSORIZES: Earrings belong to my friend. Rose made by my aunt
STOCKINGS: Dance Junction
SHOES: Dance Junction
Maria and Alejandro, where are they now
After her father LordElthibar stepped down as king of DunBroch. His eldest child, Maria and her husband, Alejandro took over as king. Maria put down her sword and bow and arrows and stepped up as queen. She's been distant from Arendelle since the disappearance of her best friend, Heidi. To distract her from this lost, she helps her eldest child, Maya get ready to become queen while keeping an eye on her twin children, Rydel and Elthibar JR.
Joesff and Maragret where are they now
After Joesffs coronation, he and his wife, Maragret have been following in the footsteps of his Aunt Elsa. Together they have a little boy name Nicholas and another one on the way. When they found out Heidi has gone missing. Joesff went on a rage and him and his father, Mountaineer-Kristoff have been looking for her ever since.
Rydel and Elithibar Jr where are they now
Rydel and Elithibar JR are now 10 years old. They both love each other, but have different personalities.

Rydel is a strict Christen like her grandfather LordElthibar and already a proper princess. She knows all the proper manners and when to use them

Elithibar JR is also a strict Christen like his grandfather. But all he wants to do is train with the guards, not do all the royal responsibilities  
Um hi

It's been a while hasn't it? It has, but I came explain why I'm on this account and not on my other, it's mostly because I have more supporters on this one and that's what I kinda

So a couple of weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend; we were dating for 9 months and there was just no spark anymore, so I ended it and he took it well, which was wired...

Anyway, it took me two days to get over him (my best friend helped as well) because I felt guilty of breaking up with him. But then I had a panic attack because he was at a this day with his school were my school was at, I think it was either my normal anxiety or social anxiety, all I know is I was having a panic attack. But I got over that and went to my assgin class (which was awkward because he was there as well)

The next day my other best friend told me some news, during our relationship he cheated on me, and from that day, I kept on breaking down, clawing myself and just wanting to die.

In other words, I'm depressed.

I can't seem to get over the news and it's affecting my health so much, so it would really help if I had some support; don't get me wrong my friends and family are supporting me, but it's not exactly helping me with my health and I'm no getting any sleep.

I know some of you might think I'm just seeking attention, but I'm really not. This is really happening to me and I just need some friends.

So you can read this or ignore it, but if you do read, thank you for supporting me


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